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Search for Fashion, as seen in the Blitz Weekly

Pop Quiz:  The highlight of In Search of Fashion on August 3 will be:

a)      Dueling DJs and a jumping dance floor

b)      A five-way fashion design competition

c)      Artists on-site creating original works

d)      It’s really all about the little things

The correct answer is, “D.”  Search for Fashion is a benefit for people in the events industry (more on that in a moment).  Every detail will be designed to be noticed by people who make a living by noticing details: other events professionals.  “We are all about pushing the envelope,” says J. Damany Daniel the Award Winning Event Producer and coordinator of Search for Fashion. Those non-stop flourishes and surprises promise to create an unforgettable ambiance, but options A- C will be the centerpiece of the evening.

The main attraction is the fashion design competition and runway show.  The competition, “Fashion of the Fittest” pits five fashion designers, Ashlee Brooks, Lindsay Weatherread, Mario Gallegos and Yasmima Johnston (all Dallas natives) against each other.  They have 45 minutes to create an original design using a mystery material.  Attendees will be able to watch the designers at work in the adjacent room.  The audience gets to vote on the winner.

“Dress to impress,” Sasha Souza the events chair for the Search Foundation emphasizes, “this is a fashion event.”  When I ask Damany about formal attire, he bottom lines it for me, “When we get the dueling DJs going, I want everybody out on the dance floor.  This is a party, and we want our guests to be comfortable.”

The evening sounds mysterious and exciting, but what is this cause, The Search Foundation, helping events professionals in crisis – like if you run out of ice or something?  Sasha puts it in perspective, “Most people in this industry are small business owners.”  She refers me to Cameron Fox, Chief Creative Officer of i-entertainment in Arlington, who was recently helped by the Search Foundation.

“It was April third,” Cameron intones the date like someone who has told the story many times before. “It was the day we got all that hail and the tornados that came through the Metroplex.  The tornado touched down right on top of our building at about noon, by 2:30 the building was condemned.” He would have to move.  Despite the help of the close-knit industry professionals in DFW to get him moved and to ready his new space, there was still the matter of the $11,000 it cost him to relocate at the drop of a hat.  “The tornado hit on Wednesday, I had events on Friday and Saturday, I made those appointments.”  Wow.

In Search of Fashion, sounds cool, but vaguely cool.  If only there was more detail about the surprises, and how, for the love of God, how could there be no mention of the food!  Although I wasn’t able to get a scoop, or even a hint, if you are on the fence – go for it.  Search for Fashion looks like an evening with “wow” around every corner.  The event planners will be behind the scenes making sure everything goes perfectly as usual.  Behind them is the Search Foundation providing a little peace of mind, and a big helping hand in case of catastrophe.

Don’t get carried away with being fashionably late.  Event professionals will be attending from all over America, Search for Fashion sponsors and event planners will be showcasing their most innovative work.  Dust off your twitter account and charge up your smart phone or iphone, because they will come in handy.  Tickets are $85 per person.  The event is from 8-midnight at the eM the Venue, in the Design District.



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