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Best TV in 2015

Best TV in 2015

Hands down winner: Deutschland 83 2) You’re the Worst 3) House of Cards 4) Unreal 5) The Americans   Advertisements

In Brief:

  • Espirit d'escalier: used to refer to the fact that a witty remark or retort often comes to mind after the opportunity to make it has passed.  (Oxford Dictionary)  Here are some pointers if you actually want to use espirit d'escalier in French.
  • Check out my vizify bio. https://www.vizify.com/drew-davis An electronic elevator speech/introduction.  Protip: let the internets do all the work.

Art of the Month (AotM)

Art of the Month (AotM)

This statue at the Nelson Atkins is called, Duane Hanson. There are loads of stories about people mistaking this statue for a real museum guard. I can only imagine how the museum guards at the Kimbell would freak out if I had done this dual selfie with one their pieces.


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