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Polo: Waiting for Gatsby

It is tough to go to a polo match without preconceived notions.  My GPS eventually returned a result for Prestonwood Country Club, located off of Yacht Club Drive (that’s literally the street-name).  I instantly had a sinking feeling that I was underdressed and I should stop somewhere to top the car off with premium gasoline.  However, at $10 per car, the price of admission is the same as it is for many of our Texas lake front public parks — so far so good.

In fact, the Prestonwood polo grounds don’t have an ostentatious feel at all.  The parquet flooring in the Ralph Lauren section of Macy’s is more exclusive.  Continue reading


Victory Propels Dallas into Sweet Sixteen Rugby Playoffs — as seen in Blitz Weekly

The Dallas Rugby Football Club (The Reds) clinched a spot in the 2012 Emirates Airline USA Rugby Men’s Division I Club Playoffs with a 43-10 win over the Denver Highlanders on Saturday.

The Reds put in a championship-worthy effort with an exciting mix of raw physicality and lethal passing. Continue reading


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