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“Single Wide” now playing at the St. Louis Art Museum, Gallery 301

Single Wide, a video installation at the St. Louis Art Museum, tells the story of a lone character.  The camera makes three sweeping, circular rotations around the set where the story takes place.  The variations in the camera’s path train the viewer’s focus on different details in the scene; Continue reading


2011 Top 5 in STL Arts

Here is the St. Louis Post- Dispatch 2011 Arts Round-Up — overall it seems we agree on the 2011 St Louis Arts headlines

1) Cliff Froehlich, Director Cinema St. Louis

2) Missouri Arts Council

3) Paul Ha, Former Director of the Contemporary Art Museum

4) Ivy Cooper, Arts Writer St. Louis Beacon

5) Kemper Art Museum

Here are the justifications behind these 2011 SVO1905 award winners Continue reading

2012 Preview — STL Arts Top 5

1) Governor Jay Nixon

2) St. Louis Art Museum

3) Kristina van Dyke, Pulitzer Museum

4) Delmar, Cherokee, Washington Ave, et al.

5) What are your thoughts on the St. Louis Arts story to watch in 2012?

Here are my thoughts on the SVO1905 nominations of STL art stories to watch in 2012…

Continue reading

Artszipper: What is the Deal with Still Life Painting

Columbia Tribune: Monet

St. Louis Magazine: Dreamscapes


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