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My 2013 Netflix Picks

Looking at my Netflix shipping history, I average about 200 movies a year.  There were some that I loved but would not be everyone’s cup of tea (Good Dick, Dirty Girl, Matisse/Picasso, Mark of Cain).  The following picks I would recommend to anyone.

Kumare:  It starts out like a well intentioned Borat, but instead Kumare ends up being his own victim.  The best hug ever captured on film.HumanDesireLobby3

Human Desire:  A film noir with a femme fatale who actually drives the plot.  Gloria Grahame is a true puppet master.  The more over the top she goes, the more sinister and scary she becomes.

Brass Teapot:  A thought provoking comedy.  This film has it all!

Elles: There are a lot of very controversial assumptions baked into Elles. But the story it tells is how fragile people are even when it seems they have life all figured out.  Dear Hollywood, please do not attempt a remake of this movie, I still haven’t  forgiven you for messing with perfection by remaking Le diner de cons.

Please Vote For Me:  Take that Mr. Smith Goes to Washington!  The only thing more sad than the tears of the children who weren’t elected is how the election was decided.  The film makers do a great job of getting out of the way.

House of Cards: So Good!



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